Spring Flower Guide

As winter bids a fond farewell and the days grow longer, there’s a collective sigh of relief as nature begins to awaken from its slumber. The air is filled with the sweet anticipation of warmer days, and what better heralds of this seasonal shift than the enchanting spring blooms? With a burst of color and fragrance, these blossoms usher in a new chapter, a celebration of life after the winter chill.

From the cheerful faces of daffodils and the elegant grace of tulips to the delicate beauty of cherry blossoms and the sweet fragrance of hyacinths, these spring bloomers paint the world in hues that soothe the winter-weary soul.

Spring-blooming bulbs and corms are cherished for their ability to usher in the beauty of spring, providing a burst of color and joy after the winter months. Bulbs are underground storage structures consisting of a modified shoot with layers of fleshy scales or leaves. Bulbs are typically planted in the fall, allowing them to undergo a period of dormancy during the winter. They store nutrients and energy within the bulb, enabling them to produce shoots and flowers in the spring.

Here’s a glimpse of what local growers have in store for the spring season

1. Anemone

2. Ranunculus

3. Tulip

4. Hellebore

5. Butterfly Ranunculus

6. Daffodil

7. Foxglove

8. Scabiosa